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Gardening Made Comfortable & Convenient

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  • Great for people with back and knee problems

  • Protect Your Gardening from Dirt and Pain

  • Easy folds and opening

  • Easy to carry and Durable and sturdy

Spending Time In The Garden Is Always A Fun And Relaxing Time

until back and knees begin to ache from being bent over for too long...But don't worry! That is why we have spent countless hours designing and engineering the Garden Kneeling Bench And Seat.


Bought for my grandma


''I bought this for my grandma! She’s an avid gardener, she’s usually outside when the sun comes up and doesn’t come back inside until the sun goes down!

Almost 3 years has past since this purchase and now my grandma is 84! If I can trust this product for my grandma, I can definitely recommend it out to all of you!''


Surprisingly Sturdy for being so Light


''The garden kneeler is a decent gardening companion. It saved my knees from getting sore and it has a thick foam pad when you need to take a break. Also has a nifty bag attachment to put gardening tools in. I’m actually going to add this to my camping kit.''


Built Well!


''I have actually never heard of anything like this. My boyfriend and I just started our own garden this year and we’ve been looking items that would help us along our new adventure. When I seen this, I was so excited to give it a try.

I was surprised at how well this is made. It unfolds and locks into place very easily. It’s sturdy (even on an uneven surface) and built well. The padding is comfortable to sit or kneel on. We mostly use ours as a chair. The bonus side pocket was perfect for holding whatever we were using at the time, whether it be a shovel, seeds, or whatever other gardening items we have.

I recommend this for any gardener looking for a more comfortable surface while working hard!.''


 A great garden companion
''I have really come to enjoy this garden kneeler. it makes those jobs you used to hate due to the continual bending over or kneeling a whole lot easier. Also having it as a temporary "bench" to sit on comes in handy as well. It folds easily and is easy to store. All around very handy and useful.''

6 Key Benefits Of Seat Gardening

For a healthy body and healthy mind

  • Comfortable-Soft foam padding provides enormous comfort to your knees and prevents any discomfort that might occur due to coarse soil, dry grass blades, bushes, etc

  • Doubles As A Seat-The kneeler can be flipped over to convert it into a comfortable seat that can help you sit and relax for a while when tired from gardening activities, and is even perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the garden.

  • Portable & Lightweight- Our garden kneeler is extremely lightweight and is easy to carry around without putting any strain on your hands
  •  Easy To Store - The kneeler comes fully assembled and is able to fold up for easy storage.

  • Built-In Tool Pouches - Simply attach them to the kneeler via Velcro and keep all the tools you need right next to you!

  • Durable- The strong metallic frame not only imparts its strength and durability but also provides the support to your hands and back for kneeling down and standing up.

yes! i want it.

Seat Gardening for Kneeling and Sitting

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if there is plastic it has a chance of breaking right?

I have looked mine over and have not seen any plastic parts. It seems very sturdy if you are using it as a kneeler or a bench.

How do you get it to fold back up?

Hi,just push the springs on both sides and fold,thanks.

Is it easy to fold and do you have to spray WD-40 on the hingest for a cold garage over a Northeastern st winter?

No problems opening and closing. You do have to squeeze a handle to close. I am a small woman and it works fine. W D 40 wouldn't be a bad idea...but we are also in a cold winter area and mine was still easy to operate after a winter in our unheated garage.

What is the weight capacity that the kneeler can handle?

I was unable to find any weight limit in the packaging of the kneeler/seat, but I weigh 200 lbs. and have had no problems.

Height when used as a seat rather than a kneeler

Thanks for the question. Please kindly be advised that the height of the Garden Kneeler and Seat is 44cm when it is used as a seat.

Good for inside cleaning? are sides sturdy enough to lean on when rising? really better than cheaper ones? how thick is pad? help for painful knees?

The pad is about an inch thick. The whole unit is quite sturdy. I have used the unit in the garage, and it worked fine there 

-Good for inside cleaning? are sides sturdy enough to lean on when rising? really better than cheaper ones? how thick is pad? help for painful knees?